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Board Information


Regular Board Meetings:

Day(s):  November 15, 2024

Time:  5:30 pm

Location:  via Videoconference

Special Meetings:

Day(s): April 23, 2024

Time: 6:00 p.m

Location: via Videoconference


 Per the provisions of Section 32-1-903, C.R.S., as amended by HB21-1278, the District may hold meetings of the Board at a physical location or by telephonic, electronic, or virtual means, or a combination of the foregoing.

View our Board Members 
Director Title TermContact 
Paul Joseph KnopinskiPresident May
Chelsey GreenBoard MemberMay
 Kaitlyn Carter Board MemberMay
Vacant May 2027
Vacant May 2027
District Manager 

Nikolas Wagner 


Phone: 970-484-0101 x 954

Emergency after-hours phone: 970-829-2710